Intramural Funding​

We build strategic partnerships with educational institutes, industry, investors, entrepreneurs, and philanthropists who share our vision of making breakthrough scientific discoveries accessible for commercial purposes.
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Translational Research Grant (TRG)​

We fund bioengineering projects with the potential for translation through calls for proposals twice in a year, once in March and once in September. We fund both early and late-stage (up to TRL 5) projects. A link to previously funded projects under the translational call can be found here

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Commercialization Support Grant (CSG)​

IIT Bombay PIs with bioengineering technologies at an advanced stage of development (TRL 5 and above) can apply for commercialization support funds.

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Translational Grant Call

We review translational proposals twice a year, on March 31st and Jun 30. Proposals that are collected by the closing date are considered and reviewed. The aim of this grant call is to support proposals from TRL0 to be developed for TRL5.

Commercialization Grant Call

The aim of this grant call is to support proposals from TRL5 and upwards for a spin-off or licensing interest.

Post-Commercialization Grant

The aim of this grant is to support commercialization-related activities post spin-off

Criteria: Company must have been sun-off and either revenue positive or raised private/govt. funds

Rolling Translational Grant Call

This grant is open throughout the year.


  1. Industry interest in the project with material contribution (preferably cash) from the industry partner
  2. You have been recently approved govt. grant and would like to get started with supplemental/associated work
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