External Fundraising Support (EFS) service

The EFS service is a new addition to the bioengineering research support provided by WRCB to PIs from IIT Bombay towards raising external funds for bioengineering research. We envision that, once fully operational, the EFS service would play a key role in providing centralised support to WRCB PIs over the full course of the external funding cycle. WRCB plans to provide the following services at “pre-award” stages under this new EFS initiative.

External Funding Database: Identifying and curating all funding opportunities of interest to WRCB focus areas. This would include funding opportunities from the government of India, international funding agencies, industry-academia funding, philanthropic and other sources. Here is the link to the funding database that we are collating

Funding Database

Funder outreach: Interactions, visits, engagements with funders, follow-through on queries on behalf of WRCB faculty

Grant-writing: Support for non-technical components of grant application packages for external proposals being submitted by WRCB faculty

Workshops: Webinars and workshops relevant to fundraising for WRCB focus areas.

If you have been funded by WRCB in the past, please reach out to us in case you have any suggestions or questions on the WRCB EFS services.

Here is the YouTube link to the talk by Dr. Ayyar on the EFS service provided by WRCB.

Talk on Funding Support
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