Industry Research Partnership Program (IRPP)

We aim to have near-term impact in the world by developing groundbreaking bioinspired technologies, ranging from novel devices and materials to high-value therapeutics and diagnostics, that are translated into commercial products and solutions. If you are interested in any of these technologies, please contact us.

The IRPP program offers several value-additions to start-ups, MSMEs and large corporations:

  • Faculty Connect: WRCB can help you identify and facilitate interactions with faculty members working in your specific areas of R&D interest.
  • Project co-funding: Member companies get to see the research proposals submitted to WRCB by IITB faculty. WRCB can co-fund specific projects with industry partner.
  • Industry R&D at IITB: Members can identify specific projects of their interest; WRCB will facilitate project execution in coordination with the offices of the Dean (Alumni and Corporate Relations) and the Dean (Research and Development).
  • Prioritised access to research facilities.
  • Complimentary access to exclusive WRCB events and communications.
  • Staff research attachment opportunity: Member companies can depute a staff member to be attached to WRCB-affiliated faculty members for a specific period.
  • Post-doc, PhD attachments at company: Member company can access profiles of post-doctoral fellows or PhD students for potential projects or recruitment.
  • Media and PR mentions: Members will be prominently mentioned in promotions, brochures and website as a contributing member to the IRPP.
  • Opportunity for Open Innovation: WRCB can facilitate a consortium between member companies and IITB faculty to tackle complex industry problems.
  • CEP-QIP: Customised Quality Improvement or Continuous Education Program.


Annual Membership Fee

INR 5 lakh – Big companies (Eligibility : Annual Turnover > 100 Cr)

INR 2.5 lakh – SMEs and start-ups (Eligibility : Annual Turnover < 100 Cr)

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