Prof. Mahesh Tirumkudulu receives DBT’s Phase II grant

August 22, 2023

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We extend our sincere congratulations to Prof. Mahesh Tirumkudulu for being chosen for the Phase II DBT grant for 'Research on Key Components or Resources for Biomedical Technologies'. The selected research proposal 'Flow cytometer with integrated optical imaging system for haematology', will lead to the development of a complete blood counter (CBC).

Currently, all automated CBC tests in India are performed using expensive and imported haematology analyzers. This call is aimed to encourage Indian scientists to conduct research and development of key components or resources needed to create various healthcare technologies, such as diagnostics, implants, scaffolds, and assistive technologies, through this call.

Prof. Tirumkudulu is a Professor and Head of the Dept. of Chemical Engineering. He is the principal investigator  of the Colloids and Fluids Laboratory, which focuses on issues related to complex fluids such as suspensions, emulsions, and foams. Additionally, they actively participate in collaborative initiatives to create biomedical devices for resource-constrained areas of developing economies such as India.

Our best wishes to Prof. Tirumkudulu and the team!

Prof. Mahesh Tirumkudulu

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