WRCB announces its 11th call for proposals

April 26, 2023

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The Wadhwani Research Centre for Bioengineering (WRCB) is happy to announce its 11th call for proposals. Short concept notes are invited from IIT Bombay faculty members in any of the four focus areas of WRCB (Diagnostics, Therapeutics, MedTech, and Synthetic Biology). The start date for accepting the concept notes is 19th April 2023. 

Concept notes will be reviewed by a team of internal and external experts to gauge their

(a) technical feasibility,

(b) novelty and potential for generating new IP,

(c) any regulatory hurdles,

(d) potential for further fundraising,

(e) market need of the proposed solution, and

(f) commitment of the applicant team to see the project through commercialization by either licensing or a spin-off company.

The whole review process will take around 8 weeks from the deadline for submission.

To apply, please upload your concept note along with your latest CV as a single PDF file by midnight of 18th May 2023 on the Arjuna portal.

Late submissions over email will not be accepted. 

Please contact Dr. Meera Thomas (meerathomas@iitb.ac.in), Dr. Abdur Rub (ceo.wrcb@iitb.ac.in), or Prof. Debjani Paul (pic.wrcb@iitb.ac.in) if you have any queries. 

Deadline for submission extended to 2nd June 2023.

Let's get the word out about this!

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