Prof. Darshan Shah wins the ISB's DCGC grant for the project 'Development of an Active Artificial Human Knee Joint'

May 1, 2023

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It is our pleasure to share that Prof. Darshan Shah was selected as one of the five awardees of the Developing Countries Grant Competition (DCGC) by the International Society of Biomechanics (ISB).  We are delighted to learn that the project 'Development of an Active Artificial Human Knee Joint', which also received the WRCB grant under its 9th call for proposals in 2022, has been recognized by ISB, which is an apex international society in the field of biomechanics. This award aims to support innovative and collaborative activities to develop biomechanics in Economically Developing Countries (EDC). 


Prof. Shah is an Assistant Professor in the Dept. Of Mechanical Engineering and PI of the BIOME lab. He has been associated with WRCB since 2022. The winning project deals with the development of artificial knee joints, that mimic the anatomy and functionality of natural joints, which will allow a physical simulation of testing medical devices and orthopedic procedures, thereby creating a paradigm shift in in vitro testing. The award  entails a certificate and a monetary award of AU$2000 for scientific purposes.  


To top this Mr. Samrat Sagar, a joint Ph.D. student of Prof. Shah and Prof. Ravi – was also selected as one of the three awardees of the Economically Developing Countries (EDC) Student Travel Grant for his work on Mandible Biomechanics. Prof. Shah and Mr. Sagar will be presenting their works at the ISB 2023 Congress.   


Hearty congratulations to Prof. Shah and the BiOME Lab members! 


Glimpses from the award ceremony that was held from 30 July - 3rd August 2023 at Fukuoka, Japan





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