Full-time research position on contract with Prof. Ishita Sengupta

To apply, interested individuals should send a CV, a brief statement of research goals particularly highlighting their training and experience in the techniques discussed below, to ishita@​chem.​iitb.​ac.​in


In-vitro transcription and cell-free synthesis of difficult-to-express genes using a bioluminescent reporter system


Candidates wishing to be considered for such an appointment may be fresh PhDs or PhDs with less than 2 years (3 years for female candidates) of experience or research scholars who have submitted their thesis and are awaiting examination. The candidates should be preferably below 32 years of age.

The candidate should have experience in protein purification and molecular biology techniques as a minimum requirement. Preference will be given to those candidates who have experience in setting up in-vitro transcription reactions and/​or cell-free synthesis reactions using bacterial lysates.


The shortlisted candidates will appear for an interview before the Department IPDF committee. If selected, they will be initially offered an IPDF position for a period of one year. Further extension is possible, based on the successful yearly progress report and seminar, evaluated by the Department IPDF committee.

Pay Details:

Fresh PhD with no post-PhD experience Rs. 65,000/- p.m.

PhD + 1 year of post-PhD experience Rs. 68,000/-p.m

PhD + 2 years of post-PhD experience Rs. 71,000/-p.m.

Non-lapsable contingency grant Rs. 15,000/year

No on-campus accommodation will be provided but HRA @24% of the salary will be given.

Financial support is provided for one international conference during the tenure of the fellowship for the presentation of their research work done at IIT Bombay.

Support for one national conference per year is also provided.


The ideal candidate must have a doctoral degree in Chemistry, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Molecular Biology or Microbiology with at least 3 papers with 1 as a first author with an impact factor > 2, or one 1st author paper having an impact factor > 5.5


The candidate should be well-versed with all techniques and operation of all equipment (floor centrifuge, FPLC, laminar flow hood, autoclave, handling sensitive protein purification columns, thermal cycler for PCR etc.) associated with recombinant protein expression in E. coli and subsequent purification. Preference will be given to those candidates with extensive practical experience in cloning, in-vitro transcription of RNA, handling of RNA, visualization and analysis of denaturing RNA gels.

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