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In January 2018, Wadhwani Research Centre for Bioengineering (WRCB) initiated the ‘WRCB Oration’ series, a talk series to address various technical areas of interest to IIT such as technology transfer, regulatory support, licensing models, IP management, etc. The objective of this initiative is to educate and inform IIT faculty and students of the various nuances of converting technology into a product through inspiring stories of experienced speakers, who have been through the process and can provide valuable insights to the audience. The first talk of the WRCB Oration series was held on the 17th of January 2018. Dr. Anil Koul, Director, CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology was invited to deliver his talk titled "Discovery and Development of Bedaquiline- A new drug for drug-resistant tuberculosis- Harnessing the value of Innovation." Dr. Anil Koul has been a key scientist in the discovery and clinical development of SIRTUROTM (generically called Bedaquiline)- the first tuberculosis drug to be granted approval by the United States FDA and EU in the last 40 years. He spoke about the extremely long and cumbersome process of drug discovery and development, what were the obstacles faced at technical, regulatory, and commercial levels by himself and his team to bring innovation to the market. The talk was attended by 40 faculty members and students of IIT Bombay.

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17th Jan 2018


Dr. Anil Koul

Director, CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology
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