Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) Scientist Awards

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Organization of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI) announced nominations for their Scientist Awards 2017 in 3 categories, Scientists, Young Scientist, and Women Scientists. OPPI initiated these awards to recognize Indian scientists who have demonstrated excellence in research in the field of pharmaceutical sciences. A senior team from OPPI involving Mr. Vivek Padgaonkar (Director, Project, and Policy at OPPI), Mr. Vivek Dhariwal (Executive Director, Technical Operations, Pfizer Ltd.), Mr. Prashant Desai (Director, Regulatory Affairs and Business Quality, Janssen: Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson), Mr. Krishna Parab (Senior Director, Supply Chain, Sanofi), Mr. Prakash Muthudoss (Manager, Analytical Department, Sanofi) visited IIT Bombay on 16th June 2017 to announce the nominations for the awards. The event was hosted by WRCB, IIT Bombay. Mr. Padgaonkar welcomed the attendees and opened the event with a brief introductory video about OPPI. He informed all the attendees about the ‘Scientist Awards 2017’, the categories for the nomination, and the criteria for selection. He also emphasized that to achieve their motto ‘Healthy India Innovative India’ they would be very much interested in collaborating with the academia. Prof. Wangikar informed everyone present about WRCB’s corporate affiliate program (CAP) and its objectives. He mentioned that WRCB will create opportunities for technical interaction, licensing of technology, co-development projects, and skill development through CAP. He emphasized on industry-academia collaborations that can provide technological solutions to improve healthcare delivery in the country. During the Q&A session, all the senior team members from OPPI interacted with the audience and reiterated the importance of industry-academia collaborations. Overall the event was informative and provided ample networking opportunities to the participants.

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16th Jun 2017


Prof. Debabrata Maiti

winner of the OPPI young scientist award 2017
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