Webinar on “Ethics and Statutory Compliance in Bioengineering Research”

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WRCB welcomes you to an interactive webinar on “Ethics and Statutory Compliance in Bioengineering Research” on Saturday, 22nd October 2022 at 11:00 am. The objectives of the webinar are two-fold:

(a) familiarising faculty and students with various statutory compliance requirements for research involving clinical samples and human subjects, and

(b) giving an overview of how to apply for ethics approval at IIT Bombay.

We have invited Dr. Urmila Thatte (former chair of IIT Bombay’s Institute of Ethics Committee) to discuss the importance of ethics requirements and the Indian Council for Medical Research guidelines. We have also invited Dr. Sreelekha Gopinathan (Member Secretary, Institute Ethics Committee of IIT Bombay) to discuss IIT Bombay's ethics approval procedure. We believe these two presentations will help the IIT Bombay community prepare practical applications for ethics committee approvals.

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22nd Oct 2022


WRCB Webinar

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