A two-day workshop on “Understanding Patents"

Event Details

The workshop was designed and conducted by Dr. Raj Hirwani, a leading expert in the field of technology management and entrepreneurship. During the first day of the workshop, Dr. Hirwani talked about various aspects such as the fundamentals of patents, how to read them and how to use patent information for research and business planning.  

On the second day, Dr. Nishad Deshpande and Dr. M. G. Kulkarni gave tutorials on searching patents on publicly available databases and covered some case studies related to licensing and IP litigation that would be relevant to the audience for their research and commercialization.

The two-day workshop was designed for an audience size of about 30 participants to allow for more one-on-one interactions. The workshop provided ample opportunity for the participants to interact with the instructors and understand the subject matter. 

The workshop was well received by the participants.

Moments from the event

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25th Nov 2022


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